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Mike Horsfall: Links

My Fav's

La Paw Spa

My sister, Cindy, is the nationally recognized leader in the field of canine water therapy.  Her website is very informative and eye-opening.  Her clinic in Sequim, WA attracts clients region-wide, and her classes are attended by students from around the world. 

Pacific Talent

Andy Gilbert started this agency in 1975.  I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on and off since I moved to Portland in 1980.  He is well-established and respected in the area.

Skip Morris Fly Tying

I played my first professional gig with Skip, a great jazz guitarist with a voice like Mel Torme.  When we were on the road, he was constantly tying flies and seeking out the nearest stream.  He is now a "star" in the fly fishing world, with dozens of books, videos, and articles to his name.  His wife, Carol, has become a respected nature photographer and artist, and has contributed many photos and drawings in Skips books. 

Nigel Foster Kayaks

A rock star in the world of kayaking, Nigel and his wife Kristin come to Portland regularly to teach and inspire.